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Veloviz Black STEALTH Reflective Amber Orange Motorcycle Fork Reflector Stickers OG

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DON'T BE A BIKE NINJA with these super reflective Veloviz Black STEALTH Reflective Amber Orange Motorcycle Fork Reflector Stickers.

These brilliant stickers have a gloss black appearance but reflect back orange/amber light (See video in image section). Perfect for adding a stealth touch to your motorcycle whether you are a learner rider, or you are pimping your custom bike. The standard amber reflectors that come fitted to your bike from the factory look rubbish, bang some of these on instead!

By their nature suspension forks can get dirty with road grime, oil, and grease. It is very important to make sure the surface you intend to stick these stickers on is free of any contaminents before sticking (I recommend using surgical spirit or rubbing alcohol to clean the surface prior to fitting).

Veloviz has your back. and your front. and your sides!

Designed and computer die-cut in the sunny Isle of Wight, UK - you'll love these mega bright reflective bike stickers, and so will your fellow road users!

  • 2 stickers in this kit - each measuring 9.8cm x 3.2cm

Supplied without application tape.  Simply peel and stick.  Follow our design or freestyle it and create a unique design.

These look great on your bike, or your helmet!

This product is made to order and follows the following manufacturing process

🔪 The design is die-cut using Oralite reflective vinyl (Certified for BS EN 12899 for reflectivity) on my Graphtec Vinyl cutters.

💌 Your order is then lovingly packaged in a board-backed envelope so it arrives with you in perfect condition. All international orders (I ship from the UK) are sent via airmail.

All stickers are totally waterproof, and can be used in all weathers.  Vinyls reflect back light in their respective colours, excluding black which reflects back an off-white light.

Once fitted your bike will be clearly visible from all angles. Top road safety for you - you'll no longer be a bike ninja! 🚴‍♀️🐱‍👤⛔

These vinyl decals will stick to any clean, smooth surface - perfect even for your Motorcycle, Car, Bike, Motorbike, Caravan, Trailer, Motorhome, Camper, Truck, stroller etc.. To fit just peel and stick onto any properly cleaned surface (Surface you are sticking onto must be at room temperature).

Please note that this item is not a continuous light source - it will only reflect light directed towards it (such as vehicle headlights). Keep them clean for maximum reflectivity.

This product is made to order and normally ships within 24 hours.